Here it is! PRIME’s Autumn Newsletter!

Snapshots from a number of PRIME’s tutors as they reveal some of the realities and delights of sharing whole person compassionate care across the globe… this edition includes Nigeria, Uganda, Poland and India.




HSA HealthServe Australia

Our colleagues at HealthServe Australia/ PRIME Australia are running a ‘Transforming Global Health Conference’ which will be ‘an opportuntiy to connect with the National HSA Board, Project leaders and other Healthserve members, supporters and donors and to hear about the Global Development Network. There will be presentation of the events for 2017, an update of the life-changing projects in China, India, PNG and Uganda, and heralding of coming Projects, plans and events for 2018.’

Transforming Global Health

Dementia – an emerging storm?


Worldwide, 44 million people live with dementia and this figure is expected to reach 76 million by 2030 and 135 million by 2050. A condition that has been considered predominantly a problem of the economically wealthy developed world is fast becoming a truly globally impacting condition. Much of the increase described above is attributable to rising numbers of people with dementia living in low and middle income countries.

Most people believe that there is little or no understanding of dementia – or how to best help those with this condition.There is clearly much to do to respond both the rising need and the sense of ignorance and helplessness that the diagnosis of dementia too often comes up against.

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