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Welcome to The PRIME Network Blog.

PRIME – Partnerships in International Medical Education, registered as a charity in the UK, is dedicated to improving standards of health worldwide, through educational activities in collaboration with local and national organisations in other countries. We seek sustainability through training trainers and equipping them with appropriate skills.

Traditionally individuals have become involved in PRIME in one of two ways, tutors or supporters and it is amazing to see how PRIME has developed and how the message of whole person healthcare has spread around the world.

However, if we are to see the vision of whole person healthcare become a reality we cannot do this with small groups of people traveling intermittently overseas to teach groups of students or graduates, even if those visits reach thousands each year and make an impact on them as individuals and the care they provide during their lifetime.

This will still be a valuable part of PRIME’s work, but increasingly the emphasis is on building a network of healthcare professionals in all countries of the world who are committed to practicing and teaching compassionate whole person healthcare.

In this way we hope that the whole person medicine will become a movement that impacts the way healthcare systems operate across whole countries.


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