Changing Ethics, Changing Society

A review of how the move from a Christian theistic to secular world view has impacted both bioethics and also the reading of scientific evidence. How Christian professionals should respond to these challenges in a way that is both biblically sound and evidence based.

Speaker: Mr Peter Saunders MA MBChB FRACS

Part of the Science, Health and the Health of our Society, PRIME 10th Anniversary Symposium, 31st March 2012.

To find out more about this event or book a place visit our website.

Further speaker details:

Peter is a New Zealand born former General Surgeon. Since 1992 he has served full-time with Christian Medical Fellowship, a UK-based charity with 4,000 UK doctors and 1,000 medical students as members, first as Head of Student Ministries and since 1999 as Chief Executuve. His current work involves leadership training, teaching evangelism and ethics, medical mission, writing, editing and media work. He is also Campaign Director of the Care Not Killing Alliance, a coalition of over 40 organisations in the UK promoting palliative care and opposing euthanasia and has been a member of the ICMDA (International Christian Medical and Dental Association) Board since 2003.


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