The Church, Beacon for God and Truth?

Most people would agree that the church stands for good and that it stands for continued truth in our society. In society now there is a loss of altruism and loss of integrity and loss of trust a loss of faith that good will triumph over bad. People have lost faith in the banking system, in the government, the media and the celebrities.  The loss of values in society feels like the whole pack of cards coming down. In these days of austerity and reduced funding for governmental help of the poor, sick and vulnerable, can the church filled the gap? How can it fill the divide and can the church truly accept science with its warts and can science accept the church and all its warts? How can the church stand for lost values in healthcare in today’s society and what can we do to aid this filling of the gap and bring God and Christian values back in to today’s healthcare and society?

Speaker: Rev Canon Graham Archer, Highfield Church, Southampton, Diocese of Winchester. 

Part of the Science, Health and the Health of our Society, PRIME 10th Anniversary Symposium, 31st March 2012.

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Further speaker details:

Graham Archer is a vicar in Southampton. His parish includes the University Campus and through his own background in Science and Health Care continues to enjoy engaging with the important issues these raise. He is a member of the regional Christians in Science planning group and a regular speaker at conference events.


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