Restoring humanity in healthcare teaching

Exploring creative methods in health professional education: Engaging other ways of knowing

29th and 30th November 2012

The Carmelite Priory, Chilswell, Boars Hill, Oxford, OX1 5HB

This two day highly interactive and experiential programme examines the creative use of art, literature, drama and other methods in medical and nursing education. Personal creative-reflective knowledge production through the arts can deepen reflection and insight, often engaging voice, evocation, emotion and perspective.

We will use experiential and creative learning methods to explore:

  • The aims and evidence base for use of humanities in healthcare education
  • Getting learners to draw their journey
  • Use of poetry / creative writing
  • Arts-based inquiry in medicine
  • Examples from medical students creative-reflective texts
  • Growing reflexivity and narrative humility
  • Getting inside the patient – the use and misuse of drama
  • Use of humour in teaching
  • Time to reflect and be refreshed

No special expertise is required – just a willingness to join in

Full course residential £130 for doctors or £100 for nurses and juniors

Day visitors £40 per day including lunch (£75 attending both days)

Find out more on the PRIME website or book online now

Accreditation from the University of Brighton and CME applied for


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