What’s killing us?

A recent IHME report has finaly been released estimating disease burden ‘globally’ or more particularly in “21 regions covering the globe”. The supporting data, from 2010, has been criticised by some but the general trends identified include:

  1. Within Africa, the greatest disease burden continues to come from maternal health, child health, and HIV, TB, malaria
  2. Outside of Africa, the burden of disease is changing rapidly and that is raising life expectancy.
  3. Non-communicable diseases are now the biggest killers across a broad spectrum of low, middle income and wealthy countries.
  4. People are living longer, and an increasing proportion of disease burden relates to chronic disability.
  5. Poor people in poor communities are increasingly impacted by “behavioral risks” such as tobacco and alcohol use.

Perhaps we would have anticipated these changes but the report still makes interesting reading. Read more 


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