Olivet Buck“On behalf of all in PRIME may I share our enormous sadness at losing this self-giving, faithful and radiant person that many of us were privileged to meet last March. Since Friday I have been aware of the efforts of many key people to move Olivet to an advanced treatment facility – but tragically to no avail, especially at the rate her disease advanced.

Our prayers and thoughts are with her family and friends. We are mindful, too, of the wider most desperate situation in the ebola-infected countries of Africa. I am glad to see that there is now (after too much delay) a more appropriate stirring of world action to help on the massive scale necessary. May this be quick in coming and effective.

Our admiration goes out to to all who, like Olivet, are putting themselves at a high risk of death to help people of overwhelming suffering. What a sacrifice indeed!”

Prof Richard Vincent, CEO.


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