PRIME Equipping Tutors and Team Leaders Conference 2016

grapesThursday 24th – Saturday 26th November 2016
Hothorpe Hall, Theddingworth, Leicestershire,
LE17 6QX
, UK

Whilst we are a charity that encourages medical education, this is not primarily a course on how to teach – it is a course about how to integrate whole person, compassionate, creative, learner-centred medical teaching into courses in order to reach the heart and change attitudes. In order to achieve this, come prepared to be interactive and share your skills, ideas and prayers with each other.

Initially,  we will concentrate on developing and practising tutor skills.  Thereafter we will be looking more around understanding PRIME as an organisation and the issues of arranging and running an event overseas.  Whatever your objectives, however, we would encourage you to come for the whole conference, as it will all be relevant to anyone working closer with PRIME.

Above all, we wish you to leave having been challenged, blessed, encouraged and in a position to take up and develop the vision of PRIME into the future.

Programme aims:

  • To give an overview of PRIME core teaching skills enabling participants to embed a values-based approach
  • To develop and practise interactive teaching skills, which are adaptable to challenging situations
  • To understand the nuts and bolts of PRIME, how we work as a team and develop partnerships
  • Preparing for the event, building the team and developing a programme with spiritual aims and outcomes
  • Facing up to challenges and cross cultural issues
  • To encourage those wishing to involve themselves more as PRIME tutors and team leaders

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