Two Trustees move to pastures new..

Two of our Trustees have recently left PRIME to explore new things.

We are hugely appreciative of their time and commitment over many years, thank you to them both and we wish them all the best in their new developments.


Mr Steve Fouch, our CMF Representative, has resigned to enable him more time to develop his work with CMF. Over his ten years as Trustee Steve has been a valued part of the team and a voice for nurses and allied health professionals.

“PRIME is more than an organisation, it is a family…I will continue to support PRIME in prayer and action, and hope to continue to work closely with PRIME in other capacities.”



Mrs Gill Caroe has for eight years helped to bring a non-medical view to discussions. We have particularly valued her support and assistance in personnel related matters but also her astute contributions and probing questions.

“I have been increasingly involved in a project locally to support refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants in Eastbourne and the project has developed to the extent that I feel I cannot devote the appropriate amount of time to PRIME without things becoming unsustainable. This has not been an easy decision for me to take. I have felt honoured to be involved in PRIME over the last eight years and to see all the blessing that God has bestowed on us as an organisation. I have greatly valued my relationships with fellow trustees and with those who work so diligently in the office. My life has been enriched as a result. It is not only the professional contact which I will miss but also the personal – like others have said, PRIME is family in many ways…I hold individuals and the organisation in high esteem and wish for God’s continued blessing and wisdom as you continue to discern the future.”


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