SUMMER newsletter 2017

header.jpegPRIME tutors recount (some of) their experiences and adventures in teaching and modelling compassionate whole person care – this newsletter has snapshots from Brazil, Bosnia Herzegovina, Mozambique, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and the UK…

In this edition

  • Welcome! >>
  • The battle for Hastings
  • 10th ICMDA Portuguese Conference, Brazil
  • Benefits of whole person medicine
  • The PRIME Annual Conference
  • Turkish baths in Bosnia Herzegovina
  • Seizing every opportunity in Nigeria
  • Mozambique
  • Help restore the heart of healthcare

Read/download the newsletter here

“It is a privilege and I believe a gift to be given the opportunity to meet with care givers to restore and strengthen their compassionate hearts.” Ron Rhodes

“My practice life can never remain the same again.” Conference delegate

“In April all the doctors in the employment of Nigerian railway corporation gathered at Ibadan in south west Nigeria for a meeting. It was another good opportunity for me to introduce whole person medicine to my colleagues. I was given one hour to talk on whole person medicine. In attendance were eight doctors and four senior nurses. It was just great.” Christian Ijemba

Read/download the newsletter here




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